how to split smart in balckjack

How to Split Smart in Blackjack?

Balckjack is one of the games available at Casino Online Thai. It features quite a simple design and rule of play with the aim of beating the dealer by acquiring a higher card value while keeping your total below 21. The card values are computed as follows; the cards designated by the numbers 2 to 10, have a value equivalent to their face value; J, Q and K are all equated to 10 points each, while the Aces can either be 1 or 11. It is also very important to note that the suits are inapplicable in this game if you intend to indulge some time.

Like in any other country, there are various gaming terminologies you would need to understand before gambling in Thailand. The terminologies most used do not directly refer to the rules of the game but bear a somewhat vague correlation to how the game is played.

To start us off on the definition of key terms, is the name of the game, blackjack. This refers to an ace and cards that have a value of 10 points adding up to 21 in total bunched together. Second in the line of popular casino thai terminologies is hole which refers to one of the dealer’s cards that is always faced down. Online Casino Thai is also fond of another gaming term, Hit, which means to take out another card. Stand is another term commonly used in the thai blackjack arena. In the context of the game, this means you cannot take any more cards. The Last word used in Blackjack gambling in Thailand is bust meaning to go above the required total value of 21 points.

In almost every kind of Balckjack the moment you’re handed out two identical cards, you can choose either to split them into separate new hands, where you are given two additional cards one on each thus doubling your bet. This means there is an additional chance to beat the dealer or an additional chance to fail.

The skill in the game is in deciding when to split identical pairs. High caliber players are regarded to be those who display exemplary prowess in making this choice. The good thing for you though if you are just getting started, is there are at most ten card values from which to pick from on each hand meaning its considerably easy to memorize all ten and stick to a strategy. Better still, there are several clever methods one can use when splitting cards. Different online casino betting tips recommend different strategies but the most common ones across board are:


Always Split Aces

In most cases when playing Blackjack, it is customary to split without giving any consideration to the card the dealer has presented. However, when you receive a pair of aces, it is always advisable to split as it gives you quite an advantage in the form of a very strong hand. The strong hand results from the valuation of the cards in as a pair of aces in one hand starts you of on 12points which is gives you quite an edge in that you only a need a nine to get to the desired 21 points while a ten or face card will make you play your other ace as a one making your value go back to 12. Utilizing the split will quadruple your chances of getting 21 in both hands by getting either the K, J, Q or 10.

Always Split Eights

Aside from aces, blackjack professionals will also recommend splitting eights whenever you get them. While it is difficult to acquire a good hand during play after receiving a pair of eights, as a hand they are not the best but separately you have a better opportunity from a mathematical point of view. If you decide to play both your eights in one hand, you have a total value of 16 which is not a strong hand. This is because if you hit you have a sixty percent chance of busting if any of your hits is above five points. On the other hand, when you split it is improbable to bust in one hit making splitting the less risky choice.

Always re-split aces of eights if you are dealt a second pair

Just in case you split your handed cards for a new hand and receive another pair of eights and aces, it is always advisable to recognize it as another new hand by splitting. You should know that this triples the initial bet because splitting once doubles it. While the rules of the game are more or less the same, there are slight variations associated with each house. A good example is the online casino thai whose rules state that you are permitted to split a limited number of three times to play a max of four hands.


Never split tens

A common mistake among armatures is splitting tens. This move generally sacrifices a fantastic hand for a little chance of a greater one. When playing with two tens the total is at twenty which is a strong hand. However, when you split them only an ace can enhance your standing putting you in a high-risk position. Anything less than that will either equal or lessen your total value. Card counting professionals recommend the splitting of 10s in special situations, like when you are sure there are a lot of 10s left in the shoe and the dealer is showing a 6 or 5 insinuating a weak hand.

Never split fours

This is because splitting fours only gives an additional weak hand. This is an insensible choice remembering that you are required to double your initial bet. This makes splitting fours a money losing move as well as a rookie alert to the dealer.

Never split fives

When you are handed two fives you should just see them not as a pair but as one ten. In this case, it is recommended to hit instead of splitting to have two weak hands. It is worse than splitting fours because you give up a great starting hand for two weak starting hands.


Split twos, threes, or seven if the dealer shows a seven or lower

These move’s suitability is totally dependent on what the dealer has as he has to show whether you can split or not. These cards should only be split when the dealer has lower point cards. When the dealer is in possession of an eight splitting is better than taking a hit even though eight is higher. Some online tips recommend splitting twos and threes but never sevens when the dealer has an eight.

Split sixes when the dealer shows a two through six

It is recommended by online casino tips to be sensible, when the dealer has a seven or higher value card, take a hit. Mathematically this move of splitting sixes is likely to defeat weak hands as well as enhance your chances of a win if you hit while the dealer has a great hand.

Split nines against two through six-eight and nine

When the dealer has either a seven, ten or ace it is recommended not to hit, but instead you should consider standing. When trying to hit an eighteen is self-destructive because anything other than a two or three will make you bust.